BI360 Workshop: Melbourne


Introductory Training

This workshop is instructed by a CPA qualified business consultant and includes the topics below:

•  Report Composer         •  Planning

•  Report Designer            •  Data Warehouse


Who should attend?

•  New/existing BI360 users (across any department)


Technical Skill Pre-requisites

•  Microsoft Excel - Intermediate

•  Experience running reports in BI360


Materials included

•  Hard copy of our Solver BI360 Training Guide (Adapted for Australian users)


At the end of the workshop, you should be able to:

•  Compose and design your own ad-hoc reports

•  Use the BI360 Planning tool for budgeting and forecasting

•  Customise your data warehouse to suit your specific company needs


You may be eligible to claim CPA/CA CPD credits for this workshop


Onsite/Group Packaged Training options are available

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Disclaimer: This workshop going ahead is subject to a minimum number of participants

Full-day training

Box Hill (VIC)

LightARC is a business performance consulting organisation specialising in Corporate Performance Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions for leading businesses focused on profit growth.  Our highly skilled, results focused, and process driven team of technical and business professionals are ready to contribute your organisational success.

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BI360 Certified Partner

BI360 is the complete Excel-based solution that provides business users with reporting, budgeting, dashboards, and a pre-configured data warehouse. Because the solution comes with out-of-the-box integrations to many ERP systems as well as pre-built report templates, it takes only a fraction of the time to implement compared to other BI suites. Using BI360, your management team can now help the organization create a performance-driven corporate culture supported by a world-class business intelligence suite.

Solver BI360

This workshop will focus on learning the skills needed to create your own custom reports and dashboards within Solver's BI360

LightARC Business Performance Group

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1st Aug 2019

9th Oct 2019